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Scott Field
January 22, 2011, Comments Off


Sandella Gansheimer
October 22, 2010, Comments Off

Sandella has been a Music City cast member for over four years. She originally started taking classes from MCI to impr ...

Shane Luthe
September 22, 2010, Comments Off

Shane is a regular performer with Music City Improv.  He was born in a one stop sign town in southern Indiana.  Moved ...

Jill Mothershed
June 22, 2010, Comments Off

For years, Jill thought that improvisation was what you did when you were trying to find an excuse.  When she took the ...

Matthew Redd
April 2, 2010, Comments Off

Redd is a native Nashvillian. After college he spent a few years in Europe backpacking,working in a ski lodge and youth ...

Stuart Robinson
March 22, 2010, Comments Off

Stu Robinson has lived in Nashville for almost a decade.  When not browsing the interwebs, he spends his days traveling ...

David Vaughan
February 22, 2010, Comments Off

David Vaughan hails from San Antonio, Texas, and has served the Nashville music and television/film industry for over 10 ...

Brian Woz
February 12, 2010, Comments Off

Brian is a Pittsburgh native who began writing and performing sketch comedy while attending college at Ohio University. ...

Blake Wylie
February 2, 2010, Comments Off

Blake has been doing improv since 2005. To Blake, improv is just another strange and eccentric chapter in his life, whic ...